wellesbourne plastering

plastering in wellesbourne & kineton, warwickshire

M build plastering services is a professional service offer to wellesbourne & kineton.
We cater for all plastering jobs. if its a 4 bedroom new build in wellesbourne that needs plastering, an extension in kineton that needs plastering or even just a cable chase the electrician has made to fit you a new socket. if it needs plastering then we are the people.
  • dab and board
  • stud work
  • over skim
  • patching
  • over skimming artex
  • floating
  • coving
The products we used are always fresh. never bought in bulk and stored for months on end. always bought fresh for you job, making the materials 100% affective and how the manufacturers intended them to be.
if you are in wellesbourne or kineton then please ring us and we will be more than hope to come give you some advice and a free estimate.